TecNxtGen enhances hybrid cloud capabilities with new disaster recovery as a service from Zerto

With emerging technology driven business models, continuously reducing margins and growing competition, there has been an massive increase in the number of enterprise applications that can be de?ned as 'mission critical'. Business today demands exacting standards of reliability and availability from your IT applications.

To adapt to the changing business environment, your Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy needs to evolve quickly. You need DR systems that are not just effective in handling complex adverse scenarios, but can also proactively assess your DR needs on a continuous basis.

NxtGen's comprehensive suite of DR Services, backed by world-class infrastructure and end-to- end managed services, ensures that your mission critical systems continue to be available and responsive under the most adverse of circumstances. We help you build and manage a robust DR system that you can trust, ensuring that your customers and partners never feel a difference in your quality of service.

NxtGen has enhanced its hybrid cloud capabilities with a new disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offering powered by Zerto's award-winning hypervisor-based solution, Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) . As a member of the Zerto Allinace Partner program, NxtGen is able to provide unparalleled, real-time cloud DR services, enabling businesses of all sizes to cost-effectively protect production applications both on premise and in the cloud.

Disaster recovery, with its unpredictable bursting nature,
is one of the best-suited processes to have in the cloud.

The Cloud DR offering that NxtGen delivers is based on Zerto Virtual Replication. Companies may choose disaster recovery as a Service (DRaaS), protecting on-premise applications to the cloud, and/or in-cloud DR, protecting applications deployed in the cloud and replicated to a secondary cloud datacenter.

"NxtGen's 'In?nite Datacenter' vision promises enterprises high-performance, highly-available and infinite IT Infrastructure resources on-demand. Zerto ful?lls the critical requirements of ful?lling this vision by delivering high-availability and democratizes disaster recovery (DR). DR is not a large enterprise initiative alone, every business is now enabled by IT and DR is relevant to all enterprises," said A S Rajgopal, CEO and Founder, NxtGen providing insight into their partnership with Zerto.

We are bringing globally successful technology solution from Zerto, to enable our customers recover from disasters in matter of minutes.

NxtGen continues to demonstrate its customer commitment by delivering user-friendly, storage-agnostic, and cost efficient disaster recovery by joining Zerto's acclaimed channel partner program. The growing diversity and vibrance of Zerto's partner ecosystem con?rms that service providers are eager to offer new or adjunct services that seamlessly align with their cloud environments, while meeting the rigorous standards customers expect.

What will you find in the DR eBook?
The need for Disaster Recovery
Measuring Downtime: Introduction to RTO & RPO
The comparison between different replication technologies
How do replication technologies stack up?
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By joining Zerto's Cloud DR Ecosystem, NxtGen is demonstrating its commitment to deliver user-friendly, storage-agnostic DR at an attractive price.
- Ziv Kedem,
Zerto CEO and co-founder
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